Church Fair

We will be having our annual Church Fair indoors this year, on Friday, Nov. 12, 4-7 pm and Saturday, Nov. 13, 8-2 pm. There will be a great variety of crafts, clothes, foods, a "travel table" (items from other states and countries), food baskets, raffles, and many giftable items

    There is a dinner Friday night beginning at 4:30 with chicken pie, squash, potato, cran sauce, beverage and apple crisp. $15, or $14 for seniors (over 60). Chicken and nuggets and mac and cheese for kids ($8). Eat in or take out. No pre-ordering this year. Come to the church to get your meal.

    Saturday breakfast will be 8-10 am and consist of muffins, donuts, coffee, tea, milk, juice ($5). Lunch is from 11-1:00 pm with soup, sandwich, lobster rolls ($15).

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